Substance Abuse and Addiction

In the addiction treatment, people talk about recovery. What does that mean? Here’s another way of thinking about it from addiction expert, Gabor Mate: The word “recover” means that you find and get something back that’s been lost or stolen. In recovery from addiction, that something you get back is yourself. Know this: that your self is never lost and forgotten forever. When we can identify how we “lost” the way and how we “lost” ourselves, we can find a way back to ourselves. This is the essence of all healing.

My approach to working with all addictions–chemical, process, or behavioral–is one of compassion and respect. I do not judge clients for what they’ve done. I don’t believe there is a “one-size fits all” approach to substance abuse and addiction treatment (or any other issue for that matter). My approach is to listen and collaborate with my clients to see where they want to go and support them in getting there.

I also have a heart for working with partners of addicts who may be struggling with anger, betrayal, codependency, grief, and trauma that result from their partner’s addictive process.



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